Feed 2 Go first opened their drive thru in April 2012 on Webb Drive in the Bohle supplying horse feed purchased directly from the mills ensuring the freshest possible stock.

Specialising in equine supplies, Feed 2 Go has now expanded to provide a wide variety of pet and other livestock products.  Our team prefers to source products that are not only Australian made and/or owned where ever possible, but also products that we use on our own animals enabling us to give you first hand feed back on our products.

The Feed 2 Go team’s aim is to not only provide quality customer service to the local people of Townsville and surrounding area’s but a high level of knowledge and experience in all things equine.

Our product range is always growing and the team welcome’s new products.  If there is something you are currently using or would like to try and we don’t have it in stock please don’t hesitate to talk to us about sourcing it for you.